Mirror ★★★★★

Andrei Tarkovsky with his strangely straightforward, metaphorical and philosophical approach to the layers of cinema bouncing off relatively to his nonlinear autobiography interlaced with reflections, dreams, visions, flashbacks and footages, Mirror. This title alone informs the audiences all they will need to know about the personal reflections of Tarkovsky during the time of his childhood, war-torn, blooming love and family that is about to unfold before your eyes over a 101 minutes of runtime worth of time of most beautiful and amazing images ever shot in the camera and catalogued under the art of cinema that has a natural sense of depth and is made up multiple layers, cinematically and thematically. However, Tarkovsky does not always make it clear whose visions we are sharing or what those dreams really supposed to represent. Consequently, this has always been classified a hard watch. Regardless of its spiritual and dense autobiographical content, in the real sense, Mirror is still be appreciated as the film that tries to capture the human soul and to show that, despite of our differences and uniqueness, we still have common ground on an spiritual and emotional level.

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