Tombstone ★★★★

This is the most fun I've had watching a Western since...Ever?

This movie is built upon it's characters. That's nothing unusual for a Western film. They almost always try to forge out some God-like hero figure and a nastier than Satan villain. And some of my favorite films in the genre do a good job of putting some memorable characters on screen. But the characters are here aren't just memorable, they are having a blast.

Kurt Russel plays Wyatt Earp and Val Kilmer plays Doc Holliday. It's basically a buddy comedy. Wyatt is an old man wanting to retire and find some peace from all these hooligans he's been putting away for so long. He rides to the next town over and runs into his old friend Doc. They're hassled by the much more immature gang that's causing all kinds of trouble in town. It's up to them to restore order.

It's just a really nice break from your standard Western. A less serious take on the genre. A great performance from Val and a great depiction of Wyatt Earp.