Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

First movie of 2020!

It’s a crime story and I hardly like crime stories but ‘Knives Out’ absolutely hit me! It’s thrilling even though you early know all the ‘Whodunit’ and ‘Howdunit’ plots. In the first half of the movie it will be revealed what has happened, knowing everything was caused by bad luck. 

But as the story continues, you’re gonna realise that there is more and you are completely hooked to follow. Every character was staged so well, they were real and authentic - even funny and self ironic. I actually didn’t expect less with this great cast! Daniel Craig, mostly known for his portrayal of 007-Agent James Bond, is everything but hard-boiled. He has already shown and proved in ‘Logan Lucky’ that craziness, self ironic and comedian also suits him very well! Maybe because of his past as James Bond (this year he performs as Bond the last time on screen - they say) it is even funnier. 
I also enjoyed Chris Evans as ‘the black sheep’ of the family. After seeing him as Captain America for ten years, it was fun to see him as a bad guy for once. 

Furthermore, ‘Knives Out’ also reminded me of Agatha Christie’s ‘The Crooked House’. I watched the version of 2017 so I had quite good memory of it but it never approaches the brilliantly balanced, funny and exciting heart of ‘Knives Out’. That’s what so special about it: The movie has heart and that’s something I was terribly missing in most of the movies in the last few years.

P.S.: They had me with the Sherlock Holmes reference already... 😅

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