Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★½

After disliking both of the previous Legendary Godzilla films, my expectations for 'Godzilla vs. Kong' were pretty much less than zero - especially when I saw some of the cast of 'King of the Monsters' returned and I was afraid of more of the same self-serious bullshit human sub-plots.
Luckily, this wasn't really the case this time. Actually most of the human stuff was surprisingly light and fun, compared to the last two films (and closer to the tone of 'Kong: Skull Island', which I liked). This one took itself a lot less serious and didn't entirely slow down every time the monsters were not on screen. Also, the monsters looked pretty good and you could actually see them in some scenes - not every fight took place at night in the rain, so you could actually tell what's going on. (The Hong Kong fight scene took place at night, but still worked because of the nice neon lights.)
There were a few things I missed (like more of the majestic Ifukube score), but also quite a few nice touches that I liked. I quite liked how they included (spoiler alert?) Mechagodzilla, who was always one of my favorite Godzilla villains and for my money maybe his ultimate nemesis. The explanation for how and why he's in this was super silly, but could've been straight out of a Showa era Toho film, which is what this felt like for the most part. It's probably a tie with 'Skull Island' but for now I would say that this is my favorite of the Legendary Pictures kaiju films and I'm glad I didn't skip it, like I originally intended after seeing 'King of the Monsters'.

This was the first new movie I've seen on the big screen since before the pandemic started, which was an exciting thing on it's own and I'm glad I ended up enjoying the movie as well as the experience.

P.S.: Shout-out for including a character wearing two different Judas Priest shirts in what seems like one day and playing 'Breaking the Law'.

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