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Hans Zimmer Scores!

Ranking Hans Zimmer scores 
No particular reason 
Actually it’s mostly just Bc I think the King Arthur and thin red line scores are underrated af 
Also I’m not ranking any movies I haven’t seen bc part of the ranking is how well it goes w the movie too 
Also this list sucks ass idc
Also read my notes they are either funny or not funny, and you get to pick, isn’t that fun

  • Interstellar



    Oh fuck yeah, on some days this is my favorite score of all time.  
    Only some days tho.

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  • The Lion King

    2.The Lion King


    My hottest take is that Hans Zimmer’s Lion King songs are the best Lion King songs.

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  • Gladiator



    Fucking exquisite like wtf
    Forgot her name but that lady from dead can dance really carried this one.

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  • The Thin Red Line

    4.The Thin Red Line


    Has maybe the best individual track Zimmer ever composed plus the other best one was sampled by Vampire Weekend hell yes

  • Man of Steel

    5.Man of Steel


    Fucking way too good for the movie man

  • King Arthur

    6.King Arthur


    Underrated movie
    Even more underrated score 
    Absolutely kicks ass

  • The Da Vinci Code

    7.The Da Vinci Code


    Zimmer himself said he wasn’t at all inspired by the book while making this score and it shows... Bc it’s actually good

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  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

    8.Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


    Um fucking iconic

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  • Inception



    Overrated imo but fits the movie very well

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    10.The Dark Knight Rises



  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

    11.Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End


    Yeah idk where to put this one 
    Literally only putting it here Bc obv pirates score is fire but I don’t think this one had any new tunes that really stuck out and my ass isn’t putting this in the top ten just Bc it has the pirates song in it

    I’ll also take this time to point out that Hans Zimmer isn’t credited w the music for the first pirates movie. 
    I don’t understand I swear to god he did that score what the fuck

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  • The Prince of Egypt

    12.The Prince of Egypt


    Dunno how much of this he actually had a hand in composing. But the music in this movie is so damn good so imma just put it here ig idk

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  • Angels & Demons

    13.Angels & Demons


    I’m probably underrating this one tbh but I must once again make it clear: idc

  • Blade Runner 2049

    14.Blade Runner 2049


    There’s a song on here called Mesa that absolutely rips, outside of that eh, it’s okay.

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    15.Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    Wonder woman’s theme kicks ass 
    Don’t remember any of the other songs tho
    I feel like there was one sad that was p good tho hmmmm I don’t know any more

  • Dunkirk



    Fits super well thematically, but just doesn’t really stick with me at all

  • Sherlock Holmes

    17.Sherlock Holmes


    Signature for sure, but I’ve never really cared for it tbh. When I look at lists of best Hans Zimmer scores and this one is in there instead of say The Thin Red Line or King Arthur, it kind of grinds my fuckin gears man

  • The Dark Knight

    18.The Dark Knight


    Man this movie is like the most overrated thing ever. Everything ab it too. Except Heath Ledger, he really do be that good. But yeah, movie is solid but nothing special, same thing w the score. 
    Imo !

  • Batman Begins

    19.Batman Begins


    Fuckin idk who tf even remembers the score of this movie

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    20.The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    Kind of ass low key, but the live performance from the 2017 Prague concert is absolute monster so idk what to tell you

  • 12 Years a Slave

    21.12 Years a Slave


    The only song I remember from this movie was that one about the river jordan that they all sing and I fuckin highly doubt Hans Zimmer wrote that lmaooooooo

  • Shark Tale

    22.Shark Tale


    Okay yeah we’ve officially reached the point of “I don’t remember what the score sounded like and my lazy ass doesn’t wanna go back and relisten so imma just kinda guess at how I’d rank em” 

    That being said, the fact that Hans Zimmer composed the score for Shark Tale is fucking hilarious so it gets the number one spot of that specific genre of Hans Zimmer scores.

  • Rango



    I imagine this one was pretty cool. Very western I’m guessing. Haven’t seen this since like 2012 or sumn

  • Widows



    You know
    I distinctly remember that the score was either very disappointing or the best part. It was definitely one or the other. But given the fact that I don’t remember it at all, I’m gonna go w the former

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  • The Ring

    25.The Ring


    Probably a solid spooky score 
    Although if he did the music for the creepy video tape then pretend this is above shark tale lmao

  • The Simpsons Movie

    26.The Simpsons Movie


    I refuse to believe Hans Zimmer did the score for this. 
    You idiots, it was Green Day, smh.

  • Black Hawk Down

    27.Black Hawk Down


    Oh yeah, he composed this one too??? 
    I haven’t seen this in a long ass time but I remember loving it. 
    Something tells me I won’t care for it as much whenever I get around to watching it again. 
    Also imma be honest I didn’t even know this had a score.

  • Mission: Impossible II

    28.Mission: Impossible II


    He only did this one huh? 
    I don’t remember this one either. 
    And I haven’t seen it since like 2006. 
    So here we are

  • Thunderbirds




  • Chappie



    You think my ass would even remotely consider rewatching this just for a stupid Hans Zimmer ranked list? 

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    31.Wonder Woman 1984


    I actually do remember the score but this movie was so ass and is honestly the worst movie ever made ever, I was being way too nice to it in my review so if anyone actually reads this then here’s your reward: you get to be one of the few people to know that I think Wonder Woman 1984 is zero out of ten hot garbage and is the most fundamentally broken and shit tier movie I’ve ever fucking seen. Every fucking aspect of this movie is dog shit idc I was only nice to it Bc my mom liked it. Fuckin idgf if the score wasn’t even bad, this movie can suck my whole ass

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