The Devils

The Devils ★★★★★

“They can stand up to the church but they can’t stand up to this bitch.” 

A film that dares to ask the question: What if Oliver Reed is … too hot?

Maybe the best movie I’ve ever seen. 

Like honestly across the board, everything is perfect. Acting? Out of this world. Camerawork? Out of this world. Writing? Out of this FUCKING WORLD. 
Maybe the best production, costume, and general art design I’ve seen in a movie too. 
And don’t even get me started on the thematic elements. 

I’m genuinely astonished at how much I loved this, as I mostly just checked this out due to my love for Oliver Reed along with a healthy dose of morbid curiosity. 

There’s some pretty hardcore graphic sex stuff in this movie but unlike 99% of sex scenes in movies it actually makes a great point and is a significant sort of climax (aha) of the movie. 

Fuck the state, fuck religion, and fuck most things tbh (just like the nuns in this movie lol) 

“Do you love the church?”
“Not today.” 

Happy Halloween 🎃 !

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