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  • Martin


    truth be told, I knew nothing about this going in and had just watch listed it because hey, it's Romero. the posters made me think it'd be a much slasher-ier affair, but it has pockets of surrealism and serves as an examination of psychological abuse from family members. i guess the killer vamp angle is easier to sell? there's a magnetism to the film, and it really leaves you with a pit in your stomach by the end. it feels…

  • Horse, Woman, Dog

    Horse, Woman, Dog

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    did I like this movie? I don't think so! will I think about it forever? probably! I have two main thoughts here. please indulge me for a moment while I write 1000 words on the bestiality movie.

    What Is It Like To Be An Actor In This Movie?
    I mean, it seems like most of the actors in this film are also pinku actors. And most of them have worked with Sato before, so this is in their wheelhouse. But…

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  • Drumline


    I went to college for Radio/TV/Film and in one of the prerequisite classes our professor made us watch Drumline because he said it was a "masterpiece of story-telling" with a "perfect first, second and third act structure" and every time I'm paying my student loans, I think about how THAT is the kind of education that has put me in debt!

  • Ninja Scroll

    Ninja Scroll

    so. people love Ninja Scroll. but like. it has some Flaws. mainly, it has a female ninja with a whole poison vagina and they ABSOLUTELY SQUANDER HER!!!

    Because this is an Edgy Anime, Kagero gets raped a few times. Of course. But, she gets raped for ~plot reasons~, you see. Old man Dakuan explains that anyone who makes love to Kagero will become poisoned and die shortly after. So, clearly, the only way this Poison Pussy Power can be showcased…