Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★½

So prior to doing my whole animated films of each year since 2000 project on my blog, I hadn't seen too much Ghibli and even after that I hadn't too much pre 2000 and I'm glad I was able to get to watch this one sooner rather than it later. Cuz yeah, this was pretty charming and good.

As you can tell from the rating, I didn't fully great/amazing but it is very good of course. No real reason for it not being higher, just that these intentionally simple movies work better for me there is a tad more to them in terms of big moments or whatever, although sometimes something clicks even without any crazy.

Anyway, this has a simple approach to the story as it's just a witch leaving home and then starting a delivery service. We see her life and friendship with people and all that works well. Although I did like it when it got into the her losing her magic stuff, as the reasoning added more depth that worked for the story.

Kiki is also just super likable in general. The cat was alright as far as comic relief goes, mostly due to Phil hartman. But while we're on the dub, I watched the Disney one of course and while it's generally fine, i swear at some points it I can't tell if sometimes they were talking too loud or the sound mix was off but either way I had to get used to it.

While we're on things I can actually point to as flaws, I did not like Tombo that much. They had cute moments later on but he starts off being kinda creepy to be honest, and that turned me off, and the later stuff with him wasn't like top tier.

Also, I thought the climax being kinda slightly larger scale than the rest of the movie would be jarring but it works in execution.

Overall, this was mostly good as I hoped it would be, being very charming, being able to be simple without being boring, with a very likable lead. It's some charming stuff and it won me over fairly easily in the end. Not much else to say for this one.

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