Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In

Instinct. Every animal is born with instinct. It is how we survive. For humans, love is woven into the fabric of our survival from the first breath. The mother gives birth and is flooded with oxytocin — the love hormone — and feeds the helpless young. Feeding is the first instinct. Love is the necessary emollient that softens the way so the newborn can take what they need. If babies are pure innocence, innocence is pure hunger and need.

'Let The Right One In' is a story about innocence. It is a story of hunger and need.

One of my favorite additions to our cultural collection of vampire lore, this Swedish film questions the boundaries between adult and child, girl and boy, victim and assailant, love and survival. It tells the story of a young outcast, Oskar, who finds friendship with new neighbor Eli, an odd, dirty, androgynous child. As the two children deepen their relationship, Oskar must decide what to do with his newfound love after he discovers that Eli is a vampire who survives on fresh human blood.

Read 'Let the Right One In' by Snow Lietta from October Horror 2019.

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