Son of the White Mare

Son of the White Mare ★★★★

Reviewed for The Letterboxd Season Challenge 2022-2023
Week 9: Central/Eastern European Animation Week

Psychedelic is one word to describe this trip. It's a great example of the what animation is capable of, which is a beautiful film. Will absolutely be my go-to recommendation for someone looking for a movie to watch while stoned, though I watched it completely sober. This can be enjoyed by anyone who can appreciate the craft.

Top notch animation that is only held back little by an ok story and mediocre voice acting, though I will say that the intimidating presence of the 3 dragon kings was really cool and I loved their designs. Felt like a fairy tale or fable brought directly from someone's imagination to the screen. Appreciated the Hunnic, Avaric, and Hungarian roots; something not nearly as represented in common media compared to other civilizations.

Seamless transitions from objects to characters faces that then morphed into vague shapes then to another character. Truly a work of art that shows off something that simply can't be done unless it was hand drawn. Seriously, you can pause the film at any point and it will look like a drawing someone spent a lot of time and effort on. This film is a labor of love.

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