Spencer ★★★½

My first thought when I heard that Kristen Stewart would be playing Princess Diana is that she would sound like a coma patient who just came out of a coma trying to quote Shakespeare. To be, or not to be, and then drool slowly dribbles down her cheek. I'm happy to report that I was wrong and Stewart's performance as Princess Diana was not only nuanced but award worthy excellent.

I will admit that these types of movies are very much not my cup of tea and crumpets, but I was happily pleased with my sister in law's movie selection. There were definitely parts that were exquisitely boring, but seeing Diana's descent into madness was a good watch. Johnny Greenwood's score coupled with beautiful cinematography helped me not fall asleep.

All jokes aside, Spencer was an excellent movie with good storytelling and a career best from Stewart. I'll leave you with an actual quote from Diana in Spencer:
"Leave me alone, I need to masterbate.

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