Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★

Take a shot everytime this movie cuts to random stock footage of animals and you will be having a great time with Hell of the Living Dead, or Night of the Zombies, or Zombie 4, or whatever the hell this movie is called.

It's stupid, it's Italian, it's not original, but it's the director of Cruel Jaws so it's a lot of dumb fun! There's extreme close ups, buckets of gore, inept characters, a white lady trying to blend in with a random jungle tribe by going topless and painting her boobs, National Geographic titties, soldier playing dress up to his demise, eye popping, flesh tearing, zombies in full makeup, zombies with some makeup, zombies where the director just said screw it just flail your arms around with no makeup and oh yeah, stock footage!

The biggest accomplishment of Hell of the Whatever Title is that it got my wife who was reading to put down her book and watch the rest of this trash with me because she was so intrigued by the sheer awfulness of this movie. Extra half a star for some flesh tearing, badly overdubbed family time with the wife!

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