M3GAN ★★★½

I need to get one of those presser washers! I thoroughly enjoyed this Chucky lite flick, and I was hoping that this would have been rated R, but they made it as close to R as possible. Apparently, in a PG-13 movie, you’re only allowed one f-word and one child slaughter.

Maybe one day, they’ll at least allow two kids to get murdered in a PG-13 movie. Could you imagine the bliss? Just picture the next Captain America movie. There’s a line of crying kids trying to get Captain America’s autograph in Captain America: Rise of the Meet and Greet. Instead of good old American hero Steve Rogers only being able to throw his shield through one child, he can now dismember two! Just no decapitations, because that puts you on the R rated list.

I digress. M3GAN had good writing, acting, cinematography, suspense, story and kills. The problem is that I just wanted this to go way off the rails in the third act for a blood splattered good time. It did go there some, but it should have more. Maybe we can get an R rated sequel since there’s already one greenlit. Go crazy with the sequel, and make it an ultraviolent horror flick that the people crave, or at least this demented person craves. 3.25 stars, but Letterboxd doesn’t do quarters, so 3.5 stars for M3GAN

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