Happy Little Bunnies

Happy Little Bunnies ★★★½

Happy Little Bunnies is a dry, dark, self referencing, bloody, offbeat little indie kind of slasher British comedy drama. Did that make sense? How about this? It's a little Woody Allen mixed with Todd Solondz with some Kaufman (Charlie or Andy? Yes) with a dash of Reservoir Dogs Tarantino but with less of a budget.

There's a lot of talking, a bunny masked killer, a director that doesn't care if you do, and lots of interesting dark and disturbing things happening. This is definitely not for everyone, and everything doesn't fully work, but I love the off kilter vibe of this film. Also, Casey Affleck's best performance.

Stream this oddity on Amazon Prime and please let me know your thoughts when you watch it because this was a weird one.

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