Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

i get not liking this, i went in with a dual mind, half of my mind wanted to hate this, think it was overrated crowd pleasing drivel and the other half wanted to enjoy it a lot. ive seen a lot of people really really love this movie and to be honest i wanted that to be me because liking movies is fun and having fun is nice. and like i said, i get not liking this. a lot of the humor doesn't land, the themes can often feel surface level, the film tries really hard to turn half baked comedic bits into really emotional moments and if it doesn't work comedically for you it probably won't work emotionally either. the whole thing also wraps up rather quickly, the whole film moves a little too quickly in all honesty. i feel like if the movie was Actually broken into chapters and the pacing was reworked it would hit harder for more people. but if i sat here and said i didn't have a good time watching this, if i said i didn't really enjoy a lot of the comedy, if i said i didn't find the action exciting and if i said i didn't cry i would be lying.

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