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  • The Fog
  • Safe
  • Blow Out
  • Possession

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  • Clean, Shaven

    Clean, Shaven


    Lodge Kerrigan's debut endures as a tangible yet unflinching portrait of mental illness where sound invades the maximum amount of space that the frames can contain, this, combined with the various textures of the imagery, allows for the use of a perspective from deep within the dissociative mind of our protagonist. Making for an off-balance triumph that physically hurts, assaults the senses with heightened auditory aggravations, and sheds light in the name of those who live haunted by the noise.

  • Ruby in Paradise

    Ruby in Paradise


    Much like his later feature "Ulee's Gold", Victor NuΓ±ez's indie slice of life odyssey "Ruby in Paradise" exudes loneliness and breathes authenticity through its tenderly dreamy visual storytelling and NuΓ±ez's impeccable subtle yet vibrant minor-key composition.

    NuΓ±ez brushes the journey of self-discovery with great understanding and compassion. One's hope for better days fades away, every tomorrow is the same as before, and the aimless wanderings begin to tarnish, yet, in the midst of the departure from a previous course, a…

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  • Secret Life

    Secret Life


    Films that successfully challenge preconceptions and allow for a thought-provoking reevaluation of a difficult or polarizing topic are a win in my book. "Secret Life" achieves both with significant expertise and a lot of tact. I would even go so far as to say that is nothing short of exemplary in how it addresses a subject matter as complicated as pedophilia and the often inefficient process of rehabilitation for those reduced to a mere label. Humanizing the inhuman can go…

  • Dominick and Eugene

    Dominick and Eugene


    An earnest melodrama that fleshes out Pittsburgh's already rich sense of place and navigates a great deal of emotionally impactful subjects with nuance and an overall thoughtful hand.

    A real sleeper, this one. Superbly performed.

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  • The Stranger

    The Stranger


    The Aussies are the undisputed masters of the grounded exploration of crime, whether it's through uncompromising portrayals of real events like "Nitram" and "Snowtown", or renditions tinged with humor like "Chopper" and "The Magician", their unwillingness to place bias and comfort with their own criminality always creates works of great perceptive understanding that brilliantly confronts situations of a relentlessly disturbing nature. "The Stranger" resembles other Aussie thrillers in the vein of 2008's "The Square" and/or "Animal Kingdom" (both involving my…

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    The uber anticipated film of the masked vigilante is out and, in my eyes, is quite the piece and probably my favorite DC film as a whole.

    The film deviates from the well-known superhero canon and goes for a grim thriller noir approach that fits the Batman tale like a glove in my opinion. "Joker" already proved that differing from the superhero precept could be a commercial success and have critical acclaim, so I would guess that some of the…