Another Round

Another Round ★★★

I was tricked! Clearly, a film about 4 teachers maintaining a 0.05% blood alcohol level should be a comedy. As I downed several Manhattans, I quickly realized Another Round was not comedic.

For someone that enjoys a cocktail, the film delved into interesting levels of introspection about alcohol, love, relationships and friendship. That being said, it seemed to cover certain societal issues, but carrying the implausible plot made this one stagger a bit. Enjoyable but not ground breaking. We all know drinking makes you drunk which can be the best time of your life or the worst.

The film was a rare look at the lives and friendships of middle aged men. It seems strange, but the mid-life crisis is not typically portrayed well, and Mads Mikkelson did it justice. I truly believed he needed to go on a bender to forget work, home life and the general malaise.

I'm in for the reboot of Another Round as a comedy. Until then....cheers!

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