Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing ★★★½

Cast and Characters 6/10
Drama 4/5
Romance 6/10
Editing 7/10
Story 7/10
Originality 6/10
Emotional value 8/10
Score and Cinematography 8/10
Writing 8/10
Directing 7/10
Nostalgia 1/5
TOTAL 68/100

I found myself really enjoying this. I've never read the book and knew nothing about this going in other than Daisy Edgar Jones appearing.

Daisy's performance was the clear standout here. 2022 was a good year for her, in my opinion. I never found myself bored, even with the long runtime and slower pacing. So overall I really enjoyed it. I actually respect and enjoyed the twist ending.

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