Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

A complete redefining of all that cinema can and should be. A new level of creativity in both humor and presentation. A third act that somehow makes you cry tears of sadness and hysterical laughter at the same exact moment. 

I. Never. Wanted. This. To. End.

Most of the time when I watch a film, I am thinking about what I will use for my final grade. With this instant classic, my only real struggle was deciding where I would place this within my Top 4 all-time slots.

Everything Everywhere All at Once has accomplished a special feat of tonal and perspective mixture. The film has the spirit and disregard for the constraints of reality of a child, the rebellious and immature/absurd humor of a teenager, the idealism and search for life meaning of a young adult and the world-wearied experience and burden of responsibility and feeling of worth of a mature adult. The multi-tiered symbolism (on display at several points of this film) is deeply touching and traumatic. These moments sneak up on you, hiding behind crazy visuals and silly humor.

This inspired madness, equally effective as insane comedy, surreal high concept sci-fi, frenetic kung fu action and beautiful drama that touches both on generational family struggles and the hardships of the immigrant experience, will almost certainly be forgotten by the Oscar committee a year from now, and that’s okay. This is above all of that, anyways.  

I can’t even fathom how Ke Huy Quan has returned after all these years from a couple iconic kid roles (but with those that basically just had him yelling at the top of his lungs in broken English) to give a powerfully funny and emotive performance that legitimately fits right alongside any Best Supporting Actor roles you will see next year. He will get snubbed too, but whatever. Michelle Yeoh was perfect and balanced the heart and head of the whole thing so well. Stephanie Hsu kind of came out of nowhere and blew my mind with her multiverse role. What a wardrobe. Jobu Tupaki looked like she stepped out of every Grimes music video, and I’m here for it. 

Racacoonie will be the high point of cinema in 2022 and maybe forever. A true legend. Recommended for anyone that has an attention span and isn’t afraid to get a little silly.

NOTE: I should mention that I think the first 10 minutes or so of exposition are comparatively trite. For those who came in with high expectations like myself: don't worry, as soon as it hits its groove, it never relents.

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