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Spamflix is a worldwide VOD platform for the out of the box arthouse films that gain a cult following but are hard to watch/stream anywhere.

With 72-hour rentals, watch hand-picked modern cult films like David Manuli’s surreal Vincent Gallo-starring, The Legend of Kaspar Hauser or Hitoshi Matsumoto’s surreal black comedy Symbol. Come discover retrospectives of arthouse auteurs like Denis Côté (Curling), Joel Potrykus (Buzzard), or veteran cult filmmakers like Alex Cox (Straight To Hell Returns) and much more.
Named after the famous Monty Python Spam Sketch (Monty Python’s Flying Circus Season 2 Episode 12) where in a tavern of chanting “spam” Vikings, a couple of guests come down from the ceiling asking for the menu and a Terry Jones disguised bartendress lists the meal options… all containing SPAM. Yes, it doesn’t make much sense, but this is the philosophy of Nonsense to which Spamflix obides: through NONSENSE we can broaden our perspective on life, make fun of it, look at it from a different angle, picture it grotesquely and take some distance. Through Nonsense there’s much that can be said!
Spamflix is a brainchild of @spamkus and co-founded with @juliaduartespam.
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