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  • P.J.



    Surprisingly mean and underseen early neo-noir. This is proto-Shane Black material with George Peppard’s broke, boozy PI-turned-bodyguard (heavy shades of Joe Hallenbeck and Jackson Healy), quippy dialogue, and brutal violence. A quick name change and P.J.Β could easily play as a pre-Nice Guys solo outing for Healy. Looks damn good too, thanks to Loyal Griggs – I love the handheld chases and vibrant colors, especially in the Caribbean sequence. Plus, one of my favorite B-movie actresses, Gayle Hunnicutt, as the female…

  • Where Danger Lives

    Where Danger Lives


    The first, sort-of "stoner noir" collaboration between Robert Mitchum and John Farrow (see His Kind of Woman), with Mitchum as a philandering doctor who gets way too drunk and concussed to go on the lam with a femme fatale (Faith Domergue). Story is fairly rote, but nightmarish stopovers (what is up with that Western town?!) and an air of woozy paranoia help elevate things along with the cast and Musuraca cinematography.

    Concussion Noir
    NoirVember Challenge: #5

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  • Clean


    Glenn Fleshler is a terrifying fishmonger

  • Hospital Massacre

    Hospital Massacre


    What is wrong with everybody in this hospital?

    Pegged this for an average '80s slasher with added Golan & Globus hijinks, but this is next level. A nightmarish hospital setting with more haze and light through blinds than a Tony Scott film, Kafkaesque bureaucracy, and not a single patient, employee, or visitor who behaves normally. This would be a weird gem even if the masked killer never showed up.

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  • Skinamarink



    The cinematic equivalent of that very specific childhood dread you'd get when your parents left you home to go out for dinner: that they might die in a car accident and leave you alone.

  • Nope



    I dug the Cloud Jaws (or really Tremors considering the setting) vibes of the first half; less into the Close Encounters of the TMZ Kind feel of the second. Everything kind of lost momentum and urgency for me after a big scene. The Candle Cove-esque Gordy moments are some of Jordan Peele's best work but they felt incredibly out of place by the movie's end. Don't get me wrong though, aside from the wonky script this is some fantastic filmmaking:…