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  • A Pistol for Ringo

    A Pistol for Ringo


    Only at Christmas do people exchange greetings. The rest of the time, they shoot each other.

  • Silent Night, Bloody Night

    Silent Night, Bloody Night


    An underseen holiday horror gem with a few nasty surprises under the wrapping. I watched this last year and still gasped at a couple of unexpected moments. Everyone brings up all the great proto-Black Christmas (and Halloween, by proxy) stuff, but I love the sinisterly bureaucratic voiceover during the opening credits that predates The Parallax View's assassination committee.

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  • Silent Night

    Silent Night


    Silent Night has all of the John Woo trademarks - birds, Mexican standoffs, dead son face petting - but still feels wannabe Woo like The Replacement Killers. This would have played 100x better around 1997-1998, before Keanu took over the dual pistol reins from Chow Yun-Fat. I didn't mind the lack of dialogue - a movie like this doesn't need much - but there is a surprising shortage of action until the last 25 minutes. Still, we live in a…

  • Marlowe



    Feels more the product of over 35 credited producers (that's at least 70 meddling hands) than the work of two Oscar-winning screenwriters (William Monahan & director Neil Jordan). It doesn’t help that Liam Neeson is cast in a role that's nearly half his age, or that this is set in some GTA alternate reality of Los Angeles in 1939, known as Bay City. Boring as hell until you're past the hour mark and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje shows up (I'd take a sequel…

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  • Skinamarink


    The cinematic equivalent of that very specific childhood dread you'd get when your parents left you home to go out for dinner: that they might die in a car accident and leave you alone.

  • Clock



    Come for the pregnancy horror, stay for the Jewish guilt.