Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ½

MCU | 2021

An incredibly discouraging film that proves no matter how much passion and care you put into you're art, it still will never sell as much as a soulless piece of studio branded content made to pander to every single person it possibly can. The film succeeds at absolutely nothing from a filmmaking perspective, with absolutely horrible fight sequences, editing, cinematography (I swear Marvel is trying to see how ugly they can make a movie and still get praised), and the dialogue is especially awful. It wastes every single talented person in front of and behind the camera (You cannot convince me Bill Pope actually shot this at all), and no, I do not think Tony Leung is any good in it.

There's no attempt at any character until the third act where they have Shang-Chi complete an arc that was never set up and have a believable relationship with all these characters that we never see, develop, nor care about. The movie is horribly rushed yet also a horrible slog and has a runtime of 2h 17m. Truly impressive stuff.

I haven't seen a single person mention the fact that the twist in Iron Man 3 was to show how stupid we Americans are for taking things at face value and couldn't see through the lies within our own system and country that used our superstition and stereotypes to create a villain known as "The Mandarin", only for this film to reveal that the real Mandarin was indeed an evil super-powered War-Lord, showing that we Amercians were completely in the right for being racist and assuming the worst of other countries, while being blind to the corruption of their own, but I guess it's cool because he's more like the comics now! Oh wait they didn't even do that part...

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