Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★½

2017 Ranked

Probably one of the best blockbusters films of the 2010s.

Kong: Skull Island is a beautifully shot and supremely well directed film with amazing action set pieces and entertaining characters.

While none of the characters are super deep, nor do they really have arcs, they are still fleshed out and have clear motivations and the film still gives you enough to latch on and root for them and to actually worry about their potential safety.

This film represents everything a blockbuster action film should strive to be. It isn't just lazy explosions and action for the sake of it and it never feels like there is too little or too much of it.

This movie made me feel like a little kid, laughing with glee a the insane, balls-to-the-walls, and yet somehow beautiful action sequences made from pure testosterone.

I, quite frankly, think you are a boring person if you find this film to be anything but awesome.

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