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The Exorcist ★★★

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So, yeah, as big of a horror fan as I am this is the first time I've officially watched The Exorcist. So why did it take so long?

Because I felt like I had basically already seen it. From clip shows to flipping through the channel, to Scary Movie 2, I basically had the gist of it. Which means there was no surprises to be had.

And Scary Movie 2? Yeah, totally in my mind as I watched this movie. It made the scary scenes toward the end almost make me chuckle.

It is a shame, because I would love to be able to go back to 1973 and watch this with an audience in the theater, for a pure screening, and see what I would think of it without all of my preconceived notions.

With that said, I feel like the beginning was SO SLOOOOOW. At 30 minutes in I still felt like barely anything had been established. Nothing scary had happened. I honestly feel like the first hour of this could've been chopped down to 20 minutes. The first scene in Iraq seemed pointless considering the character doesn't even show up the end.

And the scenes with Regan I didn't feel were suspenseful, rather they were setup as gross shock value. Like, The Omen has genuine moments of suspense whether it be with the monkeys, the evil dogs, the mom hanging from the upstairs, etc. Every scary part in The Exorcist was basically the mom walks by Regan's door, hears weird shit, walks in, and weird shit is going down.

I like this film for what it is. The scenes with Regan toward the end are nice with really cool effects and makeup. I like the character of Father Damien and really liked the actor Jason Miller who portrayed him.

So, yeah, I'm disappointed this film isn't the perfect film I wanted it to be. But I recognize that my previous exposures to the film definitely didn't make this a pure screening.

I do have my hopes high for the rest of the series!

I hear Exorcist II is just a laughable shit show.
I hear Exorcist III is batshit crazy awesome.
And, out of morbid curiosity, I'll watch the two Dominion prequels. Poor Paul Schrader, can't make one movie without a studio fucking it up.

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