Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★½

I feel like a real Poopy McPooperson for not seeing KONG: SKULL ISLAND in the theaters.

Badass action, constant thrills, hilarious banter, beautiful swooping camera movements, awesome monster designs (that bug in the log!), bitchin' soundtrack, AURORA BOREALIS LIGHTS, Samuel L. staring down King Kong.

What more could ya ask for?

I can see how the action heavy movie can be viewed as a kneejerk reaction to GODZILLA (2014) but hey that's okay. Let the Godzilla movie be the artsy fartys only see Godzilla on a TV screen movie and let this one be the big dumb action movie a lot of people wanna see. We don't want all our monster movies to be exactly the same.

I saw a review stating that this is a cartoony version of Vietnam and yeah I can see how that is jarring. This feels like MACHISMO: THE MOVIE. But also this is also a film about a big ape that goes SMASH so I just shrug my shoulders and go along for the ride.

Random, but did those Natives purposefully paint/tattoo themselves to be camouflaged to that wall? Or did they paint the wall to match their body art?


I'm so glad John C. Reilly got to see his wife and son again but, more importantly, I'm glad he got to finally watch a Cubs game.

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