Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★★

NOTE: Saw this at the TCL Chinese IMAX theater in Hollywood, my first time ever in the theater, and HOLY SNOT is that place cool. I'm not much on interior design but that place is fucking cool. If you go, appreciate the fuck out of that ceiling. The screen is the 3rd largest in North America and it was beautiful to see Henry Braham's glorious cinematography work on this vast canvas. That shot of green Gamora sitting down on the left side of the screen and the rest is filled with striking blue sky and orange dust of the planet MAH GOD I want that framed.

What makes this sequel work, like all of the best sequels do, is that it focuses on the characters from the first film and develops their relationships even further. From Star Lord, to Gamora and Nebula, to Yondu, and even Taser Face, everyone in this movie gets an arc. And this means taking these characters and pushing them into sad and strange areas. I think the best movies (especially children movies) aren't afraid to go a little dark/sad at times, and it's what makes this movie standout as one of the best of the MCU.

The film is funnier than the first one. It even goes for straight up nipple and penis jokes which, hey, those are bread and butter. Drax easily steals the show. His relationship with Mantis is one of the best parts of the movie and the scene of them two sitting on the steps is one of my favorite scenes.

I think they absolutely could've exploited Baby Groot's cuteness in every scene and they were wise enough to restrain themselves. The opening credit sequence with Baby Groot dancing to "Mr. Blue Sky" definitely makes for one my all time favorite fucking credit sequences ever.

A lot of people don't like the gold people and think they are too cheesy but I think 1) they are aesthetically pleasing and 2) go perfect with this tone established. I love the idea that this race is like 98% accomplishing perfection. It's hilarious. And the arcade style fighting is fucking hilarious.

Kurt Russell is fucking charismatic as hell as Ego. I read that his young scene is 10% CGI and 90% makeup HOLY HELL so cool. Him and Peter playing catch with the ball of light is beautiful/fucking hilarious.

This is undoubtedly one of the best Marvel movies. I don't see how one couldn't connect with these characters. I felt for Nebula and Rooker's performance as Yondu came out of left field and might be my favorite thing in the movie.

See this in the theater. Stay for the end credits. This is a special piece of cinema.

We are Groot.

NOTE II: That Stan Lee cameo is so funny and poetic in terms of the whole cinematic universe.

NOTE III: I can't stop listening to the soundtrack. Brandy. Southern Nights. Come A Little Bit Closer. Wham Bam.

Meredith Quill, you got damn good taste in music.

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