Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★★

Hooptober 4.0
Film #22
A Sam Raimi Film

When I rewatched The Evil Dead recently I was amazed at the endless creativity, frantic camera work, impressive makeup and effects.

And then this one just goes BALLS TO THE WALL and UPS THE ANTE on everything.

There are so many spectacularly choreographed scenes in this film. Masterful in its frenetic execution.

From the opening where Ash is thrown out of the cabin and hits all the trees in the sky, to Ash being attacked by his own hand, to the scene where he LOSES HIS GODDAMED MIND when all furniture in cabin animates to life, dancing wildly (the cute little light matching Ash's movements is adorable).

AND THE EFFECTS! Where is the Academy Award recognition?!

The Henrietta deadite looks freaking amazing. It's an iconic monster design and it isn't referenced enough. And the FREAKING HUGE DEADITE HEAD THAT COMPLETELY TAKES UP THE DOORWAY?! This film had to have blown people's minds at the time because it blows mine to this day.

OVERALL: When I watch horror films today, especially studio ones, they lack the fervent madness that this film does so well. Modern horror feels a bit safe and uninspired. This...this feels like it was truly made by madmen intent on breaking all the norms of filmmaking. I haven't seen anything made in recent years that had the unhinged craziness of this film.

It's a true wonder to behold and I love every crazy ass fucking frame.

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