Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

I don't think there's a movie I better equate the phrase "It's a vibe" with. The jazzy film noir synthesized scores, the INSANELY DETAILED production design, arguably the best visual effects pre-CGI era, the slightly exaggerated familiar looking clothes of the costume design that gives it a futuristic yet lived in look. It's all FLAWLESS world building. Especially the shots of Deckard outside his apartment with all the details in the background it truly feels like one of the most convincing cinematic worlds I've seen.

My favorite scene in this movie is probably the least sensical one yet I love it: Deckard pretending to be a representative of “The Confidential Committee on Moral Abuses” and he does a wacky accent. I need to research who's idea this is was because it really makes no sense. He doesn't need to put on an accent because it's not like Zhora knows who Deckard is so he doesn't need to disguise his voice. This lack of preparation really hurts the "Deckard is the BEST guy for the job!" premise. But seeing Ford act this wacky is too much of a cinematic gem so I'm glad it's in the movie despite probably being a detriment.

Ford's acting in this is quite special. Usually we see him as the confident, charismatic, ass kicker. Yet here there's a quiet vulnerability to him. He has a drinking problem. He looks lonely and sad. He's not a great fighter, and not that great of a shooter. In fact at the film's climax he's running away like a little bitch. And maybe that's what makes this movie so effective. He's not his usual quick thinking catchphrase hero. He's just...a guy. Like you or me. He doesn't always have the best plan (am I justifying the wacky accent scene?!). And he's completely outmanned by these replicants so it'd make sense he's running away like a little bitch because I would be too if my fingers were broken and Rutger Hauer was singing numbers to me. So yeah, this is a special performance.

You can't talk about BLADE RUNNER these days without someone bringing up THAT scene with Rachael. And rewatching it now it's very uncomfortable and what's even worse is it feels *completely* out of Deckard's character who, up to that point, seemed like a nice caring guy. I think that's why it feels so especially jarring because it comes completely out of left field. Why would Rachael wanna be with a guy who forces himself on her? It makes no fucking sense. I dunno what the mindset was behind having Deckard act that way. I plan on listening to the Blu-Ray audio commentaries so hopefully one of the three will address it. But yeah, totally weird and unnecessary.

I feel like Priss' death could've been justified a bit more. She totally was gonna rip Deckard's nose off (a curious offensive move but I like it) yet she for whatever reason abandons that plan to go do backflips and let Deckard have time to reach for his gun? As much as I love this movie there are things that make no sense and you'd think on the day blocking the scene people would be questioning these things but I guess not.

Random but I think I often misremember this movie as narratively meandering but I think it does a good job of staying focused on the plot.

Is this the movie that originated the "Enhance" trope? It has to be, right? I love doing that. Even if I'm just zooming in on a picture on my phone it's on my mind.

Is Deckard a replicant? The Final Cut seems to make it definitive but it makes no sense. If they made a Blade Runner replicant wouldn't it be in everyone's best interest to make him super strong? M. Emmet Walsh and Gaff indicate Deckard has been doing this for a long time...yet I dunno they do sometimes seem like they are being silly/playing with Deckard so maybe he is a replicant and it's like an inside joke between them. Like "Oh yeah Deckard all those years of work you've been doing, crazy right?!". And wait, how did Scott shoot the unicorn origami moment years ago and then not insert the unicorn footage till after he got it from filming LEGEND with Tom Cruise? Was he going to film unicorn footage for BLADE RUNNER for that moment and got outvoted/out of budgeted and then had his chance years later? I dunno, the unicorn thing makes it a huge kerfuffle but its whatever BLADE RUNNER 2049 and everyone else involved with the film say Deckard is a human so let's just let the replicant theory be a Ridley Scott thing.

OVERALL: A masterpiece...that isn't flawless. The Deckard/Rachael intimate scene aside, the rest of the film's flaws are kinda charming and I forgive the movie for these moments when literally ALL THE OTHER ELEMENTS OF FILM ARE FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS.

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