A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★★½

This is generally considered the best of the Nightmare movies, and perhaps rightfully so. It has the most charisma and creativity for sure. It's definitely the film that figured out and capitalized on what the draw of the mythology was.

The kills are all amazing here and some of the very best of the entire series! Freddy has the puppeteer is of the most iconic/haunting images for me. The TV death is LOL awesome. Freddy with the needles killing the druggie is so heartbreaking because you really come to care for that character. Freddy in the stop motion animation is just pure greatness.

The image of the house from the first movie as a doll house in this (especially with how it is involved in the end) is very creepy!

Other imagery that is amazing is the beginning when Arquette is surrounded by all the dead bodies inside the house.

It was really cool to see Heather Langenkamp in a mentor role this time around. It really gives the movie a "this time it's personal" vibe.

Joey and Kincaid are some of my favorite characters of the series.

People might think Will "The Wizard Master" Stanton is in one of the cheesiest sequences in the whole series but I freaking love it. The character is so sweet and endearing that you just root for the guy.

Bottom line, if there is one Freddy movie you wanna watch in your lifetime, it is probably Dream Warriors. It features the best kills and Freddy at his best balance of terrorizing and charismatic.

*Larry Fishburne for the Win

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