Framing Britney Spears

Framing Britney Spears ★★★★

Heart-breaking, and absolutely infuriating how much people relied on the public's misogyny and classism to obliterate this woman. This documentary gives a great overview of Spears' career. In recent years, with her being treated as a walking punchline, it's easy to forget how huge she was, how she was the most-Googled person for years running.

I hope this doc will cause the internet to wake up to the fact that Britney was misremembered, just like Tonya Harding, Anna Nicole Smith and Lorena Bobbit. They were failed by a system, run by men, intent on mauling women to make money. Female success is punished so damned hard.

Fuck Jay Leno, fuck David Letterman, fuck those men several times her age who fuelled the fire. And fuck Justin Timberlake multiple times over, for feigning innocence and letting women take the brunt not once but twice, if not more times, in his career.

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