Pig ★★★★½



From every single aspect PIG is the most unpredictable film of the year so far....atleast in my eye. Yes PIG is unpredictable, but not same kind of unpredictable as like as most of your average thrillers are, where atleast one of which might get dropped literally in every single week in every year. It's unpredictability isn't it's twists actually and it's thrills aren't linked with it's so called act of violence or any exaggerated revenge action fantasy rather it's unpredictability lies inside it's simplicity and it's thrills are astonishing self realisations of fracture point of a allready brittle mindset while analysing the limiting values of endurance, pain and agony. PIG is innovative, and it's very own kind of innovative where if you're attentive enough, you might've found atleast something to care and something to appreciate for in literally every single moment of it. It's not just a particular thing which creates this whole impression, rather it's overall just perfect, how the film has shot, how the characters are developed and how the slow burn screenplay kills our prolonged anticipation and further arouses a new kind of anticipation among us with a complete new version of refreshment...that's amazing.

Film starts with Rob(Played by Cage) peacefully living a life in the middle of a jungle with his pig who doesn't just help him for finding truffle mushrooms, his only source of livelihood and money but also helps Rob mainly for finding a single element to really care about. Rob is the centre of mystery here. And it's perhaps applicable for every kind of movie where when we first meet a character in a screenplay, a brief description tells the viewers how they should picture that person in their mind. Atfirst we must need to follow and observe him carefully like what are they wearing? Where are they going? How do they carry themselves? And what’s happening in the consecutive scenes? Film and series whatever you take, they are just the visual mediums, but they always start on a blank screenplay page. Writers have to imagine who these characters are, and then actors and directors help those people come to life. It's too simple thought, but I never think in this way— like as a writter one has to start everything in a blank page and slowly then characters appear, they fight, they kill, they help, they think, they sing and they love...whatever characters have done there hides an imagination of a creative mind behind every action of them. And it's actually become too tough when in case of a single character dependent screenplay, as now you have nothing but a character to engage your viewers or readers in next few hours! And I'm impressed here, there's literally no words which can really express my exact thought about the screenplay from Sarnoski and Vanessa Block...it's super delicate and unexpectedly devine.

But the actual impressive thing here in the screenplay is we haven't really has enough long story or not even so much characters to care for..so what we have here, film's screenplay only focuses on them, specially just a character and his mystery and his past and his action and his mental deterioration. But this mystery gets revealed slowly, bit by bit so impressively that after a certain point even Rob's very minor descision taking events plays the major suspenseful standpoints of the film. It's not the MANDY, and it's not the same Cage whom we've seen since years and it's also not the same type of act what we've might expected from him, it's a new Cage...he literally tells us what's going on in his frustrated character's mind who has been suffering with loss, pain, grief and anger. But very much unlike to MANDY that volcano never really explodes, what's going on his mind that stays under a safe depth from outer surface. But fact is those grief, pain, frustration and anger are still there, they never come out..they lay hands more and more on his depressed mind...and as we know "Everyone don't really get a lots of things to care for", may be for someone a little pig means an integral portion of his life, may be his life is only pivoted into that silent company of noone but an interactive pig who just makes funny noises so oftenly— how can we understand the real value of something like a mere pig in someone individual's life while living in an era with allready predefined database of all valuable objects. But we've Nicholas Cage who by his hyper subdued subtlest role alongwith few of his super intensive monologues strained with few extreme shades of pessimistic worldview towards the existence and destruction of both humanism & art, culture in purposeless race of evolution of allready evolved humanity, literally asks us in ears does something valuable for someone always needs to be precious or tagged as precious in everyone's eyes in this world?******************************************************






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