Pig ★★★★½

I… am… speechless.
This is one of those films that I’m going to be thinking about for weeks and telling every single person I know about it obnoxiously.  It starts as what reminded me of John Wick, and I fully expected it to go in that direction from that point on.  But BOY, was I wrong.  It turned into a film about passion, human growth, mourning, and has the best characters arcs of any movie I’ve seen all year.  That might not be saying much since all the Oscar movies will be coming later on in the year, but this should definitely be an early contender.  Nick Cage gives the best performance I’ve ever seen by him because it’s passionate, subtle, and emotional while also giving a little bit of the aggression we are used to seeing by him.  Every single conversation, and every single line of dialogue is dripping with authenticity and the direction is absolutely flawless.  The director supports the actors’ performances by giving every scene the perfect amount of time to be absorbed by the audience… never too long and never too short.  My eyes were locked to that screen from start to finish.  The only problem I can possibly think of (and this is a stretch) is that some of the humor was a little unnecessary.  This film is very tense and definitely needs the comedic levity, but at times it felt out of place.  Conversely though, most of the comedy was placed in the perfect situations to help relieve some of the tension created by these dramatic scenes.  I cannot recommend this film enough, but I do realize that it’s not going to be for everyone.  It’s a SLOW burn and if you don’t appreciate REAL conversations and deep psychological dives into character, there might be nothing there for you.

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