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>UKlifeXplorerSOS< ~~Nutshell Reviews By Londinium Movie addict~~

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  • Joker


    I can see why people really liked this film!

    Phoenix is brilliant in it and it's worth a watch just to see him.

    When I first heard about this one I was told that Scorsese was going to direct it. This got me excited. He didn't in the end and a director without his talent made the movie with plenty of Marty homages.

    For me it would have been alot tighter with Marty behind the wheel and he would have…

  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal

    And the Oscar should go tooo.....

    Really liked the perfomances and the direction.

    I felt like I was on and a part of the journey of the protagonist. Felt the struggle and the pain.

    The lead definitely deserves some props for this one, did the UK proud! I will continue to follow his acting career from now on.

    Keep on rocking....safely.