The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

i know i have done about 0.7 serious reviews on here, but i need to make a psa on how this is literally one of the greatest movies of all time:
-david fincher is a mastermind when it comes to directing, every single frame of this movie is magical
-aaron sorkin's writing has birthed so many iconic lines, and he makes a movie about facebook feel like so much more
-obviously, jesse eisenberg and andrew garfield give two of the best performances of the century
-just... the ending scene... mark reloading erica's facebook page. it says so much about him in a minute than most movies say about their characters in 2 hours
-the score is fantastic. i had no idea at first that it trent reznor co-composed it. it adds so much tension to the movie.
-i'm ceo, bitch

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