Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing ½

I’ve never in my life walked out in the middle of a movie in theaters before but there’s a first time for everything amirite? This movie is god awful and I genuinely felt like I was wasting my time. This was part of a double feature I planned this past Friday night after work. Marcel The Shell With Shoes On and this dumpster fire garbage of a film. After a strong start with Marcel, this was an enormous disappointment, to say the least. I was expecting some Nicolas Sparks-level movie with a dark tone because of the murder/crime element. But my goodness even the Nicolas Sparks movies are better than this.

This was boring, uninspiring, cringe, dull and so stupid. I’ve never felt more angry, annoyed, and bored out of my mind when watching a film in theaters. The characters sucked, the chemistry between the leads was nonexistent, the script felt like it was written by a 13-year-old, and the acting was atrocious (can’t blame them too much cus the script and the directing play big roles in that). Hell even Moonfall as bad as it was had redeeming qualities by being entertaining - this wasn’t even entertaining. I wanted to stay because I was a little curious about how it would end but I caved and just looked up the ending on my phone and left the theater with 30 min left. I want my hour and a half of my life back please and thank you. Don’t watch this - it’s absolute dog shit.

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