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The Godfather ★★★★

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Leave the gun, take the canolli.

I have been putting this film off for the longest time. I am happy to announce I finally got around to watching this absolute classic of a film. I will say that I was a bit underwhelmed while watching it mainly because of the length of the film. But I let this sit with me after I finished, and I learned and appreciated the masterpiece behind this film. There are many mafia movies out there but The Godfather truly stands out among them. The story is long, dense, and full of quality characterizations. The film does a great job of keeping its events in order so that the politics of each situation makes some kind of sense. What matters the most will be the characters, who are endearing, and the underlying themes of family, honor, and loyalty. Family and generations are probably the most obvious themes, especially since most scenes show some strong contrast/comparisons between adults and children.

As a film, it looks classy. Photography never was a huge standout for these films, but the brownish tones and framing gives the movie a type of classic family-portrait appeal. The acting is probably the most significant advantage here. Marlon Brando chews the scenery, despite his mumbling and constant fiddling with things, he does show endless subtlety and expressions that bring Don Corleone to life well. Al Pacino must be at his most nuanced as Michael, and the rest of the magnificent cast fulfills their parts well. This production has good-looking sets, props, and costumes, and is especially noteworthy for its period reproduction. Nino Rota's wonderful and truly iconic score enhances the film's theme and tone. It's so memorable I was humming it for the rest of the night. The Godfather is truly a classic in the crime genre that must be on everyone's top movies list.

Yes, I know this movie is long, but suck it up and watch because you won't want to miss it. It's a film everyone should watch at least once in their life. Stay tuned for a review for The Godfather II.

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