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In the somewhat twisted words of Collette, give this movie 5 stars, or I WILL KILL YOU!

I've seen Ratatouille at least 20 times in my life and I've never really cried or shed a tear during those watches until recently. For some reason, this rewatch hit me harder than a ton of bricks, and cried 3 separate times throughout the film. The first time I felt a tear roll down my cheek was the scene where we see Remy climb up the pipes and walls only to emerge over a breathtaking view of Paris. The second and third cries are a blur because I count them as one big continuous cry. The moment Collette leaves the kitchen and drives her motorcycle while shedding her own tears, she turns to look at Gusteau's book, Anyone Can Cook and has a huge realization. It was at that point on, I did not stop crying. (Oh my gosh, I am tearing up just writing about this scene, this is the power of cinema). There was something about Collette's realization, the look in her eyes, the position she was in, and the music that Giacchino decided to compose for this certain scene that made me collapse into a mess. I count that as my second big cry of the film.

The third and final cry was the moment Ego tastes the ratatouille until the end of the film. I think the scene where we hear Ego's review is where my heart was warmed but my brain was enlightened. I'm always so intrigued and mesmerized by his critical review of Geustau's after his life-changing experience. Fascinating, how Anton Ego writes a review on a food, so brilliantly profound and expressive, and without referencing the taste of the food. I've written so much about this film already its amazing I found something new to talk about. With that being said, Ratatouille has overthrown my former #1 Pixar film because let's be honest, this is the best Pixar film of all time.

I wanted to mention something I said in one of my earlier reviews of this film. One of the many things I love about Pixar is how the happy ending isn’t always what you’ll think it will be. But they find out what they wanted isn’t necessarily what they needed. I really like the fact that kids get to learn life doesn’t always turn out the way they dreamed and that’s okay.

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I recently joined Ethan as a guest on his podcast Cineflek along with Siegel  and we discussed Ratatouille and many other aspects of this amazing film. If you wanna hear our thoughts check it out here! We had a lot of fun, I hope everyone enjoys it!

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