Portrait of a Lady on Fire

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I knew from the start that this film was not going to be for me based on a languid pace and the lack of music. Although those are critical factors in making an enjoyable movie for me, I felt the lack of music to be helpful and more impactful for the film. With that being said, I've come to realize that this is a beautiful piece of cinema. Every frame felt like it came from a painting. The cinematography is breathtaking; the shots are long and so beautiful put. It's such a smooth transition between the characters and the plot with such attention to detail. The film is gorgeous, and it locks your eyes on the screen and the end. My only issue with the film was the lack of music/score. After the movie ended, I realized why the film chose to stay "silent." However, I kept playing in my head music for different scenes on the cliffs or at the beach. But as this film resembles a beautiful painting, paintings do not have music. Only words and visuals - and those can say so much.

The character interactions are so natural and genuine; nothing feels forced in the movie. As one of my friends pointed out, this film has three endings. Each one is more emotional than the other. The "last" ending, I felt the most because of all the emotions. However, my favorite ending was probably the "turn around" ending. That one, to me, was so symbolic and essential to the film. The entire movie was pure, honest art. The acting was excellent, as well as the whole direction of the film, visually and otherwise. The film accomplished what it set out to do --share a love story worth remembering. In this case, a special romance that was expressed in the most concise and captivating way. I honestly thought I was going to hate it, but I went in with an open mind and was not disappointed (only complained about the film not having a score).

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