Lightyear ★★★

Lightyear strives to go to infinity and beyond, however, it falls short and reaches lengths already familiar to mankind. Sure it's a fun and cute adventure of a character we all know and love, yet the uncertainty of needing a film like this was lingering as I watched the film. The film itself looks incredible as Pixar has once again proven they can do 3D animation like no other. Chris Evans is great as Buzz and he captures his full essence, although I did notice some Captain America parallels here and there.

The biggest gripe had to do with the way the plot and story were presented. It's a great story, but it felt rushed which then hindered the emotional impact of the themes introduced. Everything felt surface level with the depth of the themes, which is rare for Pixar. Michael Giacchino's score was solid, nothing out of the ordinary which is disappointing because he has an incredible (no pun intended) rep with Pixar films (minus Cars 2). To be fair, he has been busy this year with composing music for 4 other movies. All in all Lightyear is a cute and fun film but doesn't provide much more than that, which leads me to believe that it could have been a short film. Sox and Mo were MVP tho.

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