In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★★

ayyy mama!!

I went into this movie mostly blind. Never saw the original musical, only listened to one song, and avoided all the trailers. The song "Paciencia y Fe" hit me like a ton of bricks. The abuela's story, her struggles, I've heard it told from many people in my family throughout my life. I think what broke me most was when she took the stairs instead of the ramp. Hardworking until the end.

I made it through, I survived, I did it. Now, do I leave or stay?

I honestly wasn't ready for this damn lyric. Lin-Manuel captured the feeling of an immigrant or child of immigrants with those words. My grandparents left their home country of Cuba and started from scratch in Miami to build a better future for their family and they have but at a price. They have not been able to go back and visit their homeland which is devastating, but they have secured a wonderful future and family in the United States where the suenito can come true. Truly a beautiful film that made me feel so proud of being a Latino.

What was your favorite song of the film? Carnaval del Barrio and Breathe are honorable mentions from me <3

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