Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★

He's a libra moon, that says a LOT!

I expected nothing less from Rachel Sennott's performance as she ran circles around almost everyone. Basically, every line from hers got a belly laugh from me. I had a blast with this, probably one of the times I've laughed the most in a theater this year so far. The practical lighting was fantastic as it felt like I was there with them in the dark holding a tiny flashlight. The dark humor always stuck the landing and the ensemble cast is probably one of the best of this year. I especially enjoyed the specific Gen-Z/social media commentaries woven into the film. The soundtrack slapped and the score was in tone with the film's suspense. I see myself rewatching this one soon, I feel like a second viewing will be a very different experience while still maintaining the humor and entertainment. Cast Rachel Sennott in more films pls!

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