Another Round

Another Round ★★★

I would like Another Round of the last 5 minutes of this movie, please.

The premise alone intrigued me to add Another Round to my watchlist when I heard all the buzz and praise it received. Each one of these four friends are explored individually for the viewer to become somewhat acquainted with them during their lives at home and at work. The film really shines in the scenes where all four friends are together, drinking, laughing, and talking about their hypothesis. However, I found this film to be unexpectedly slow at times, and the pacing seemed off for a feel-good movie. There's a lot of warmth but not a whole lot of depth. Coming into a film with high expectations is tough because this one did not live up to my expectations, and was left a tiny bit disappointed, but nevertheless, this film was still enjoyable and a good movie for the most part. A wise man once said:

People rave about what it is, but since one cant possibly know what it is without seeing it, one builds grandiose ideas in their mind, and then the film ends up being what it was all along.

With all negativity aside, I really did enjoy what Another Round brought to the table. This film is about alcohol consumption as much as midlife crisis, isolation, everyday repetition, loneliness, and hopelessness. It's a film that resonates with all of us, it's about everyone in this world who struggles with serious problems in one's life and sees the solution in drinking regularly. The ending to this movie is probably one of the best of last year, and definitely one of the best scenes of 2020. Fun stuff!

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