Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel ★★★★

Saw this with my best friend and two elementary school girls that I babysit, and we all loved it. All four of us, though many years apart, have grown up loving Marvel movies. I think it meant so much to all of us to finally see someone like us taking the lead role. The most focal role. The title of the movie. The first credit to roll. A backstory, friends, humor, emotion, strength, and weaknesses, all her own - not just a supporting character or love interest. Not only was that an incredible sigh of relief after years of waiting, but I genuinely loved the movie itself. I’m so happy that this exceeded my expectations, and I can’t wait to see Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel back again soon. (And to anyone complaining that this is too “feminist” or whatever the argument is, get back to me when you’ve spent your childhood watching 20 male-lead superhero films :) )

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