Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★½

* kinda sorta spoilers *
I waited long enough to see this film and I think I just had higher expectations. I'm not sure if it was the general layout of the plot that threw me off guard, essentially knowing who the murderer was within the first half hour of the film. Rian Johnson caught me by surprise as the "whodunit" turned into the "shedunit but something isn't quite right" twist. Nevertheless, the ensemble cast worked wonderfully together, which is quite surprising considering how many big names were included, and dare I say Chris Evans was damn good in this role. This film had some pretty good comedic moments in it and as much as you hated the Thrombey family, you can't help but to love the shit out of each of their messed up characters.
This film deserves a best original screenplay out of all the nominees as Rian Johnson really did a good job making this clue story unique.
I guess I was expecting more from this film, and I think I'll enjoy it more on the second watch (which I plan on doing in the next week), so please don't scream at me for this review.

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