I love the way dreams and fantasies are blended in with his reality because I feel like personally that is more accurate to how I experience life. 
Constantly journeying through his own thoughts and memories, he is only snapped out of it by the people in the real world which is always badgering and annoying him about his own commitments to the film and his love life and in both of these he’s gotten himself in over his head.  
I feel like it created a good portrait of his hopeless lust for different women, his inability to be honest and love his wife and how that is connected to the shame and guilt he feels from his childhood and his relationship with his parents. Even though it wasn’t a detailed explanation of how all of these things combined to make him who he is, I feel like it captured well the inner turmoil and chaos that is driving him and it’s something that I can personally relate to and I think everyone can on some level. 
Since he is trying to create artwork and have some honest expression of himself as well as the other influences such as the producer, the writer critic guy and the cardinal, that adds another layer to that inner struggle because it also explores the way how he’s trying and mostly failing to get it out.
I liked every time the writer was talking and a lot of the dialogue in general was so intelligent, thought provoking and put a lot of ideas together really well I didn’t feel at all that I was watching a movie where the dialogue was expositional about the plot or the characters I felt that every time someone was talking they had something very valuable to say.
I feel like I gained a lot of perspective on the value of artistic expression, what it should and shouldn’t be and the different ways that the artist can fuck up such as losing passion and interest in a project, being overly ambitious in its scale, making promises and commitments he can’t keep and creating something that is shallow and egotistic in an attempt to be vulnerable and truthful.
I don’t think at all that I understand this movie and it’s message completely after one viewing which is I think a mark of a good movie and I’m looking forward to rewatching and revising my takeaways from it

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