Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby ★★★★½

who brings a baby to a shiva”

wow. I really really loved this. Like everyone said it’s claustrophobic and stressful. There’s a scene near the end where the camera goes near and into everyone’s face cutting super suddenly making you just want to pause and walk around. Besides all of the amazing writing and direction I feel in love with all the characters (especially danielle) and was so fascinated by all their dynamics.

At first some of the editing between small conversations or events annoyed me. It cut away a lot in exchanges that didn’t need to be stressful. The more I thought about it the more I liked the constant discomfort between useless conversations and interactions. 

My absolute favorite part was the last shot. This whole movie was a raw and stressful experience we were dragged through with danielle that left me exhausted and anxious. That final shot felt like a really warm blanket that made it all worth it. 

blah no more serious reviews. ever.

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