Serpico ★★★★★

“i know. i’m a joke”

wow. i genuinely went into this expecting it to be fine. 4 stars at best. good not great but boy I was wrong. I haven’t been this enthralled and blown away from a movie in a while. I’ve really missed that feeling.

It took me about 3 hours to finish this because for the first hour I just kept rewinding. Al Pacino has one of the most charismatic, empathetic performances i’ve seen in a while. One of those people who you light up when they walk in a room. Someone you want to watch forever. Slowly that charisma wears off. The movie and stakes get a lot more gritty. You see a man grappling with the guilt and responsibility thrusted onto him. He has to grapple facing and being forced to dismount something he expected to be honest and pure. How do you comes to terms with being deluded into thinking you would be a part of something helping people and your city when it’s corrupting it? You can easily lose your character and morals or fight to keep them in a environment where that isn’t possible. 

to put it simply the justice and police system isn’t built to uphold morals and peace. it was built to oppress and silence people in order for it to become stronger. we’ve always known that and it’s disgusting we still have to see the repercussions.

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