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This review may contain spoilers.

I'm such a weenie. I have to disengage so hard from scary movies to watch them, but I seriously love the horror season, so I try. I can tell you all about the process for the drawing I did on my iPad, buuut I'm less solid on the ins and outs of this movie.

Which is a shame, because it's absolutely a classic for good reason.

The lighting is superb, and I love the color pallet. There are some really gorgeously framed shots, and the suspense is top notch. At the end, when Laurie thinks she's killed The Shape, and he casually sits up in the background as we watch her try to recover in the foreground...absolutely priceless. The pacing was slower than I expected, but that's not always a bad thing. It can and does set a specific mood that would be missing in a more compressed story.

But yeah, I was mostly off in my own world for this, which definitely mutes the experience.

You can tell that they're not in Illinois in late October by how obviously not fucking freezing it is. People keep leaving doors hanging open in frankly mystifying ways. What are you doing? Why are you letting the door hang open? It's gotta be 50 or 60 degrees out, if it's a nice Halloween, but it's probably not! I guess we had some in the 70s. But in 2019 we had a blizzard soooo...look, Illinois has Some Weather.

And Loomis is just awful. I was primed to like the guy! I went in expecting a calm, cool, rational if dramatic doctor who's just trying to save lives from his patient, who simply cannot contain himself and is compelled to do the murders, despite all the treatment they've tried. That is noooot what I got. Loomis is on a fucking rampage. He's waving his gun around everywhere, and sure, he's driven to stop Michael, but like. He fully admits that he absolutely gave up on him years ago. Because his eyes were evil. I give ZERO shits about this dude's intrinsic good or evil-itude, my guy. You can still teach him that he'll be hassled less, at the very least, if he stops doing all the murder. Loomis is clearly spiraling himself, and frankly not a fit mental health professional. Aaaand the demonization of mentally ill people is super gross. I know it was in at the time, but it's still gross, and still doing harm. So yeah, gotta comment on that in principle.

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