Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★

Watching this the day after seeing Men of Steel was the right choice. It allowed me to look at the details of Snyders creation closer and see links that I had missed before. However, for all its pomp and circumstance surrounding this film this review will read similar to that of my last review of Man of Steel. Apologies in advance if youve read my previous review.

This film was NEVER going to please the fan boys...why? Mostly because so many didnt like the Superman Snyder had created and BOTH Nolan and DC had helped him create. So how the viewer enjoy this showdown of light vs dark when people dont like the light and are unsure of the dark. Expecting Affleck to prove his Batman interpretation with the limited screen time we get with him. No one could have met that expectation and no one could have succeeded.

We see Cavill's Man of Steel, an excellent Superman for the modern day pitched (thanks to our updated Luthor) against the Batman. This isnt a Batman driven by pain anymore. This is a Batman driven by rage. Rage of not only what happens to his parents but 20 years of crime fighting and seeing things only getting worse. Afflecks Batman oozes rage as does Bruce Wayne. I was thoroughly impressed. When you look at Affleck's Bats fight scenes you see the pure rage flowing out of him. The grimace mixed with Bats' cowl is incredible. Snyder is known for visually lifting comic scenes and plonking them on the cinema (which he does amazingly well here) but every shot of Batman's fight scenes look like they were taken straight from a Miller graphic novel - even Bat's bloomin face does!!! Incredible.

Again, if you have to reinvent Superman for the modern day you have to reinvent a Luthor too, and in doing so we get the babbling hyoer intelligent Facebookesque Eisenberg Luthor. Such a leave from the comic books no one would be pleased, but again taking a step back...look at the world...if a super villain was going to be hiding somewhere right now it would be a young billionaire sociopath running one of these internet based companies. Making Lexcorp the Google of the Metropolis world was a smart movie and only logical one. Biggest problem...people still wanted Gene Hackman in a wig (tried that in Superman Returns and everyone hated that too). What a shame Eisenberg has not been given a proper chance by the audience! I enjoyed his on the edge portrayal. His speech scene opening the library a real insight into the Lex we have now.

Yes, its long.
Yes the whole Martha premise is a bit silly.
Yes, Doomsday feels like an add on so we get to see Wonder Woman.
Yes, the whole Doomsday thing is more about setting up Justice League.

BUT...we saw a Superman suitable for todays world face off against a rage fuelled Batman in a way that was inspired by the comic books in a way that was new, yet honouring of what came before it. I like Cavill's Superman. I LOVE Afflecks Batman. I really enjoyed just how incredibly visual and beautiful Snyder made both Gotham and metropolis. Like Man of Steel the film is not the problem. We are. The audience. We expect too much. This is incredible and deserves to be recognised.

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