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  • Cruel Jaws

    Cruel Jaws


    If you've seen one shark movie, you've seen them all...

    Using the nom de plume William Snyder, it is this dismissive attitude towards the subgenre that Bruno Mattei contemplates in Jaws 5. At first glance, the title might suggest the Italian horror practice of assigning random sequel titles to piggyback on American successes as in the Zombi (Dawn of the Dead) and Casa (Evil Dead) series. After the Jaws' shark played matchmaker, getting Michael Caine romantically involved with Roy Scheider's…

  • American Rickshaw

    American Rickshaw


    I know the term GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME gets thrown around so often it sounds sarcastic......... so let's do the math.

    -1984 U.S. Olympic gold medalist (gymnastics) Mitch Gaylord, inventor of The Gaylord Flip and The GayLord II, takes time out of his busy schedule advertising for Vidal Sassoon and Playboy to be reinvented into an action star by Sergio Martino...
    -The first person Mitch demonstrates his superior athleticism on is a woman he RIGHT HOOKS. He will later…

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  • Revenger



    When his family are murdered, a former police officer gets sent up the river to a free range prison island where the killer has set himself up as the local warlord. With more Bruce Lee hand gestures than spoken words, writer and star Bruce Khan strikes down convicts with the confident "might makes right" swagger of an early 90s Steven Seagal. Wearing its influences on its bicep, The Revenger is a live action version of an 80s anime - Fist…

  • The Emperor's New Clothes

    The Emperor's New Clothes

    If you grew up in the 80s, there is a better than average chance that your parents took comfort in replacing their storytelling chores with the VHS recordings of Shelly Duvale's Faerie Tale Theatre. Unique art direction, star studded casts, and playful scripts made the Peabody winning take on classic tales a standby for tots that was reliable and endearing. With the live action children's market primed, it was only a matter of time before Golan Globus stalked in to…

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